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As we begin to create our own personal space, whether it is a new home or to design an existing space of our home what we want to come out in the end is a beautiful and quality result. The beautiful is what each of us likes and is related to our taste, but in the matter of quality there are specific options and objective criteria that prove it.

From 1964

In the Greek & International Market
Products PVC Compound

Technoplast SA

Effective Design

The company is constantly monitoring the developments and applications of the plastics sector around the world and has accumulated a lot of technical knowledge and practices.

Welcome to Technoplast

Durability & Quality

Technoplast products are manufactured
new construction materials and axis the best quality
and greater viability

Quality assurance

We ensure immediate & flawless
your service throughout the cycle
life of our products.

Dynamic Design

Technoplast has the ability to
to meet your needs at any time, and for any
volume of orders.

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